We capitalize on
Emerging Markets,

new consumer groups &
Globalization trends across the
marketing communications industry.
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SJN Overview

The San Jose Network (SJN) is an international independent marketing communication agency network serving the complex and poly-cultural markets of the U.S., Canada, Latin America and China. Today, the network serves 19 countries with over 60 offices across the Americas and China.

Our services include business planning, research, brand strategy and ROI modeling. Our independent marketing communication agency network specializes in market entry strategy, message development, and persuasive content creation and implementation across digital, social and advertising channels.

SJN services Fortune 1000 and leading clients across the fields of marketing consulting, public relations, social media, channels/media planning and buying.


We capitalize on emerging markets, new consumer groups & globalization trends across the marketing communications industry.


To accomplish unprecedented “glocalized” marketing results for our clients.

Core Values

Core Values
SJN fuels itself on passion, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication.

  • We are committed to our clients, our employees and the communities we serve
  • We provide innovative and efficient solutions for our peers and clients
  • We are accountable for our work, standing behind our recommendations
  • We are committed to attracting the best people in our industry
  • We stand behind honest marketing strategies that adhere to the basis of social responsibility
  • We provide excellence in all we do

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is an essential element of our business philosophy.

The companies that compose our group abide by the same philosophy, offering services that benefit their communities and promoting events to help local charities and international associations such as the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross and Unicef.

Strategic Alliances

Our Strategic Alliance’s include many of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce and corporate support.

t-caan-logoT-CAAN is the largest Canadian independent agency network with 27 member agencies. As Canada’s local connection for marketing communications, T-CAAN is built with the concept that collaboration and local expertise create powerful resources for clients.

TAANTAAN is one of the world’s oldest, largest and most successful networks of carefully selected independent advertising agencies. Today there are TAAN member agencies operating on every continent, in more than 45 markets worldwide. Click here to see worldwide coverage

FTAA Consulting provides legal counsel for managing risk and positive balance between rewards and risk of doing business in Latin America. Today FTAA is headquartered in Mexico City with newly established offices in South Florida.

INTERMEXIntermex.com provides logistics and industrial real estate development throughout Mexico. Over the years Intermex.com has developed 17 top rated industrial parks providing a wide inventory of space available for immediate occupancy.

George San JoseTrue leaders are rare. They are individuals willing to withstand the pressure and embrace the heat that accompanies doing that which before has not been done. The man responsible for bringing a new culture to the Americas was one such leader. He set sail on new, uncharted waters and helped shape the face of the Western Hemisphere as a result.

Within the network of our group, we find ourselves surrounded by true captains of this charging vessel known as “Marketing Communications.” Indeed, this astute group of leaders possesses the courage, wisdom, tenacity and vision to dedicate their lives to pursuing excellence – excellence in creating advertising messages, images and impressions that reach, influence and motivate the fastest growing emerging consumer group in a complex new world. In less than three decades, this group of leaders has elevated the voice of the consumers in the Americas and Asia to a booming chorus that is being heard and commanding respect. Transcending borders, culture and language, our work is providing choices to new consumers based on the honest representation of a product or service.

There is a saying that “Leaders are like eagles; you find them one at a time.” We, as members of SJN adhere to a higher Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice, eliciting the same honor from onlookers as the eagle. We collectively reach new heights of nobility, strength and achievement that are unprecedented in our history.

George L. San Jose


  • Branding
  • Digital Solutions
  • Media Solutions
  • Consulting
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Board


Three decades of the most seasoned expertise imaginable, time-compressed and channeled directly into your business today.


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